St Peters Cemetery, Cooks River

St Peters Cemetery, Cooks River


Did you know that this cemetery is one of the earliest cemeteries surviving in the inner city suburbs? It was established in 1838 and it pre-dates its more famous neighbour – Camperdown Cemetery – by 11 years.

There are some grand, finely-carved neo-classical monuments marking large family vaults.

It is a lovely little cemetery to wander around and the recent addition of some small interpretive signage (installed to celebrate the cemetery’s 175th anniversary) is a bonus – you can learn about all the local luminaries.

When I visited a few weeks ago I was serenaded by kookaburras, as well as aeroplanes! This cemetery deserves exploring. If you want a guide, history tours happen once a month.

4 thoughts on “St Peters Cemetery, Cooks River

  1. WE area glad you came to visit, it is a fascinating and hidden part of Sydney’s history and we are in the process of preparing a number of new plaques with more information about local characters buried here.


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